Sunday, 16 March 2014

Our triumphant win against Bedok Town

It started with a 2-0 win during the first period of the game. Just like every other game, the team will always have a bad start. We were all expecting at least a 5-0 win for the first fifteen minutes  sadly the chemistrybamong the members were not there. I have to admit, I dont know what was worng during the match but i felt that me and my partner were playing alone. There was no teamwork whatsoever. Fifteen minutes past so fast, and by the time we knew it, we heard the buzzer and that was the end of our first period.

Second period started and we begin to get our vibe and momentum going. Everyone was on fire. There was atleast 30 shots attempted but i cannot figure out why only 11 managed to go into the goalpost. Its not as if the goalkeeper was that good. Our shots are great and powerful but it always seemed to go everywhere except the goalpost. Our shots are all over the place. But we did managed to score 11 and brought the score to a total of 13-0 by the end of the second period.

The team went back to defence to prevent Bedok town from getting a goal and catch up with us. We managed to prevent and block the shots from bedok town and also scored another two more goals in fourteen minutes.

We had the less than 60secs left and the coach placed my line in to play.During the face off, we came up a challenge for ourselves to score one goal in the last 60secs that we have left in the game.

Azila managed to score from half court in 4 seconds and then I scored from an assisted pass from azila in the next thirteen seconds. Not too long later, Michelle scored, attacking the goalkeeper's blind side and that made the goals 3 in less than 60 secs. Well, that was certainly the highlight of the season with 3 goals in lees than a minute.